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What are awnings?

Awnings are decorative coverings for entrances, windows, and sidewalks. They can be functional, or purely decorative. Whether you choose a retractable or fixed frame awning, there are hundreds of fabric choices, graphics and lettering options and design styles to compliment and enhance the image of your home or business. Bold stripes, vibrant colors and glowing backlit vinyl's add character to any structure.

How can I benefit from an awning?

One of the most practical benefits of your new awning will be the energy savings realized by a reduced air conditioning load. According to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers, air conditioning costs can be up to 25% less. Depending on the size and location of your awning the reduction in solar heat gain estimated between 55 to 77 percent. Learn More

We custom build your project!

The best thing about working with West Awning is the selection of different types of Awnings. We custom build all our projects, so the possibilities are endless for you, the customer. Not sure about your awning needs? Learn More

We're Professionals

As awning industry professionals our knowledge and experience have become synonymous with quality and innovation.