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Awning Benefits

Energy Savings

One of the most practical benefits of your new awning will be the energy savings realized by a reduced air conditioning load. According to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers, air conditioning costs can be up to 25% less. Depending on the size and location of your awning the reduction in solar heat gain estimated between 55 to 77 percent. These energy savings mean a very good return on your awning investment.

Improve Home Aesthetics

There are more options available for today’s awnings than ever before. Whether you choose a retractable or fixed frame awning, there are hundreds of fabric choices, graphics and lettering options and design styles to compliment and I enhance the image of your home or business. Bold stripes, vibrant colors and glowing backlit vinyl’s add character to any structure.

Regardless of the design or style, awnings become a focal point, an advertising tool or a muted accent to compliment your architecture.

Extend Outdoor Living

Fixed frame patio and deck awnings and motorized retractable awnings improve and increase your outdoor living experience.

Fixed frame patio awnings can be designed in many widths and projections to cover even the largest decks and patios, string a few lights, add a little music and you’ve turned your deck into a party. Because it stays up, all of your deck and patio furniture is protected from the bleaching sun and the direct rainfall. Adding accessories to patio awnings makes them even more functional, for example:

  • add surrounding screens to keep out unwanted insects
  • add solar curtains to filter out the rising or setting sun
  • add retractable tie back drapes for a classic look
  • add drop down connecting fabric curtains to extend your season into the cooler weather

If you want the freedom to decide how much sun you let in or keep out, choose a retractable awning. Many of today’s retractable awnings also have solar shade options to increase sun protection. If you want the option to uncover your deck or patio than you should consider a retractable awning.

UV Protection

Awnings are a logical choice when you want to enjoy outdoor living while reducing the effects of extended sun exposure and heat. Ultraviolet light also fades patio furniture and home furnishings so many people close their blinds or shades to decrease these effects, but then loose their lighting and their views. Awnings let you keep the light and the views while still decreasing the effects – they are the logical choice!